Studies and Publications

sectoral studies

Assofoodtec co-operates with ANIMA in the implementation of the Annual Report and quarterly report on Technologies and Equipment for Food, thereby offering to members, the media, organizations and institutions statistical data on the whole sector and trade sectors.

Added to this specific field studies aimed at understanding the dynamics of the market. Particular focus is reserved upon export performance. An observatory, which translates into useful operational tool for business and for their guidance on international markets.

It is a clear example of the study "Food Tec Lab", the result of a partnership between Assofoodtec-ANIMA and Ipack-ima Ltd.
The study also takes advantage of the support and cooperation of teachers of Bocconi University and is finalized at better understanding the dynamics of business and management of companies operating in the sectors of food processing and packaging.
With a panel of 500 businesses is a valuable strategic tool for operators in the industry.

The world of technology for meat processing is the subject of a special study that analyzes the evolution of the entire supply chain, from the point of view of production data, employment, investment, import and export, both from the point of view evaluating the soundness of the financial sector companies.