Technical and regulatory

The technical-regulatory activity is mainly carried out through actions promoted by the different trade sectors above all in the drawing up of European and international product standards. As a matter of fact, the contribution of Assofoodtec experts was essential in the drafting of most European standards related to food industry machinery, developed by the Technical Committee CEN / TC 153 "machines for the food industry and animal feed."

Equally significant is the contribution of Assofoodtec experts in the setting of the rules relating to plant and equipment of refrigeration and food preservation developed within the Technical Committees CEN / TC 44 "Refrigerated counters, refrigeration equipment for food service and industry" - CEN / TC 113 "Air conditioners and heat pumps" - CEN / TC 182 "Safety of refrigeration equipment" - ISO / TC 86 "Cooling" - IEC 61 "Electrical Safety".

The constant attention paid by member-companies for complying with the current regulations results in the continuous and active participation of the Association in standard activities of the most important national (UNI, CEI, ITC, CTI, IMQ) and international (CEN, IEC, ISO) bodies.

It is also regular the monitoring - through Orgalime (, of the development of EU regulations.

The support of Assofoodtec to companies' requirements is presently particularly felt since the review of the whole regulatory body is underway in order to get in compliance with the requirements of the new Machinery Directive.

The Association grants explanations for both the right interpretation and implementation of regulations and the supply of useful information and documents in case of disputes with customers or inspection bodies.