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UNAC offers a range of services to its Associates :


UNAC is actively involved with their experts in the work of standardization, both in Europe and internationally. Associates UNAC meet in regular meetings during which, in addition to technical and regulatory aspects are dealt with topics such as statistics, participation in trade fairs, initiatives of proselytism and actions to better position itself.

UNAC's commitment in the field of technical standardization is particularly active. With its experts, the Association participates in the work of the European committees, CEN - CENELEC, and national, UNI - CEI.
The European harmonization of the rules relating to the doors and gates (and their components) and the need to design and manufacture products comply with the essential safety requirements in the various applicable directives (LVD, EMC, R & TTE on the components, EMC Machines and Construction Products the finished product) has prompted the Association to engage heavily in standardization technique.

The rules and guidelines concerning the automatic are numerous, and consequently it is easy to imagine how this activity involves a strong commitment by the experts of the Association.
The main points of reference for the automatic are EN-60335 2 95-(operators for garage doors residential single vertical movement), EN-60335 2-97 (for operators for curtains, blinds, etc..) And EN 60335 -2 103-(for all other types of operators). Added to this are those relating to other components such as control units and remote controls.

In addition to the above legislation, the representatives participating UNAC, within CEN, to the elaboration of specific ones for mechanical structures (windows, doors, hinges, etc.) and those of the safety in use of the finished product.

From this picture it is clear that the technical-legal is very important and therefore requires a strong commitment not only for the preparation of standards but also for its popularization and application. To this end, manufacturers are members of UNAC have realized the Guides UNAC with the intent to offer suggestions on the correct application of the Machinery Directive and the new European standards EN 12453 "Industrial, Commercial and garage doors and gates - Safety in use of power operated doors - Requirements "and EN 12445" Industrial, Commercial and garage doors and gates - Safety in use of power operated doors - Test methods ".

The Association also devotes much attention to realize and share the guidelines that accompany the installer to take the right steps in accordance with the legal precepts of matter.

The guidelines produced by the Association and UNAC are available on the website:
• Installation Guide 1 of sliding gates
• Installation Guide 2 swing gates
• Guide 3 Installation of garage doors garage
• Guide 4 Installation of sectional garage doors
• Guide 5 Installing folding doors
• Installation Guide 6 of motorized dampers and vertical sliding doors
• Guide 7 Installation of flexible doors with vertical coiling
• Curtain Installation Guide 8
• Guide 9 Installation of doors and gates, vertical sliding from bottom to top
• Installation Guide 10 sliding pedestrian doors
• Installation Guide 11 pedestrian doors doors (in preparation)
• Installation Guide 12 of motorized windows

In the field of motorized fixtures and controls for doors and windows are processed semi-annual surveys that detect the volume and the performance of the products sold in Italy and abroad with a detail on the components for each type of gate considered and forecasts for the next period. In particular, we found the turnover, export, employment, investment and the change in prices in the industry. The survey is aimed at both members and non members of the Association and is accompanied by graphs and tables.
For members access to these investigations is free.

Always it is also stronger attention devoted to the cultural growth of the sector. For this purpose has been activated within the Association an ad hoc working group to whom the task of studying a new program of information and education has been entrusted. Associatively sphere is in fact increasingly felt the need to promote meetings devoted to the discussion of new technical and regulatory nature from Europe. It is training days which will be invited to participate in manufacturers, distributors, installers, specifiers and users.

UNAC also devotes much attention to the organization of training courses for installers with our members in order to deepen the theory related to the products represented by the association but also initiate a practical path, very delicate and important for the entire chain of the industry.