The Association UNAC, within ANIMA (Federation of Associations of Mechanical and Engineering) from 1986, brings together qualified and prestigious manufacturers of motorized fixtures and controls for windows and doors, a sector that employs over 1.260 employees and a turnover of 525 million euro in 2014, with an export share over the 70%.

UNAC, which excludes in their own business every-profit organization, has the institutional role to promote and protect the collective interests of the class.
The products of the Associate include: automated systems for motorized gates and automation in general for garage doors, shutters, blinds; automatic barriers; automatic pedestrian doors and devices for automatic doors.

UNAC is for companies a meeting point for information and assistance to address the issues in the sector.

UNAC is actively involved with their experts in the work of standardization, both in Europe and internationally.

To allow the installer to fulfill the obligations arising from the directive not only cars but also European regulations relating to the field of motorized fixtures, UNAC has produced the publication "Guide UNAC."