UNAC is actively involved with their experts in the work of standardization, both in Europe and internationally. Associates UNAC hold regular meetings during which, in addition to technical and regulatory aspects are addressed topics such as statistics, participation in trade fairs, initiatives of proselytism and actions to better position itself.

In the field of motorized fixtures and controls for doors and windows are processed semi-annual surveys that detect the volume and the performance of the products sold in Italy and abroad with a detail on the components for each type of gate considered and forecasts for the next period. In particular, we found the turnover, export, employment, investment and the change in prices in the industry. The survey is aimed at both members and non members of the Association and is accompanied by graphs and tables.

UNAC's commitment in the field of technical standardization is particularly active. With its experts, the Association participates in the work of the European committees, CEN - CENELEC, and national, UNI - CEI.
The European harmonization of the rules relating to the doors and gates (and their components) and the need to design and manufacture products comply with the essential safety requirements in the various applicable directives (LVD, EMC, R & TTE on the components, EMC Machines and Construction Products the finished product) has prompted the Association to engage heavily in standardization technique.

The UNAC representatives participate, within CEN, the processing of those specific for mechanical structures (window frames, doors, hinges, etc.) and those of the safety in use of the finished product.

UNAC has developed a subscription service designed for operators (installers, building managers, RSPP and security managers in the company). Fall in your subscription a technical stop shop dedicated to them and the use of sector guidelines.
On the homepage of the UNAC there is further information.

Always it is also stronger than the attention paid to the cultural growth of the sector. UNAC believes in spreading a culture of safety and is working on magazines as well as through new technological tools (website, social channels) to make all operators in the industry on compliance with industry standards and precepts enshrined in law.