Why join?

ANIMA SICUREZZA Solutions and services for the secure storage of goods and valuables and the Federation ANIMA offer to their member-companies technical, economic statistic, legal, communication, marketing, promotion and internationalization knowledge and skills.

Why join?

 To be part of a team that takes care of your interests and helps you develop your business

 To qualify and certify your installers and maintenance technicians according to UNI standards at favourable conditions. The aim is to create a register of technicians recognized by the market as the only ones able to provide professional services.

 To update and develop your technical skills, to influence decisions in the regulatory framework through the presence of representatives of the association representatives of national and international working committees.

 To have opportunities to meet and discuss matters of interest to the sector, to share experiences, needs, objectives, actions and values ​​and seeking to catch advances and market opportunities

 To promote and support your needs with lobbying activities to the Authorities.
For example:
- To defiscalizzare investments or get incentives to buy
- To require the use of specific products and services in certain sectors of the market
- To reduce bureaucracy

 To increase your visibility through the use of the logo SOUL SECURITY, fairs, events and digital communication initiatives of the association and SOUL

 To make your voice heard in Europe through EUROSAFE and working groups

 To access to the services with high added value and favourable terms offered by ANIMA: company financing, tax benefits, legal assistance, education, innovation, internationalization, specific projects and agreements (www.anima.it)

 To stimulate business network among members

 To do system by creating synergies and collaboration with the main associations of safety sector, institutions and stakeholders

 To feel proud to be part of the association, to help it grow both in membership and reputation and image. Do bring your passion, your enthusiasm and your energy into the ssociation!

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