thematic analysis

This section contains the thematic analysis of the Project Easy Customs, published in "The Mechanical Industry", the official organ of SOUL.


  • May / June: Esportação. Brazil: the key to winning a tough market is knowledge of the facilities already
  • May / June: 3D counterfeiting. The infringement of intellectual property becomes less controllable. The changing customs
  • January / February: AEO by customs the tools to be competitive




  • October: Export to Iran: difficult task but not impossible
  • June: Customs Simplifications from the point of view of the entrepreneur
  • May: Customs Agency and businesses: winning synergy in combating counterfeiting
  • March: The simplification in customs


  • December: The reasons of knowledge
  • November: Certification of "Authorized Economic Operator". Two success stories in the field of mechanical
  • October: Relations between seller and buyer in international transactions. Responsibility to the customs
  • September: Statement of Origin preferential long-term (Long Term Declaration)
  • July / August: Incoterms 2010, accuracy and flexibility in contractual clauses governing the movement of goods
  • June: Restricted exports: products and dual-use materials, embargoes and controls
  • May: Statement of origin invoice
  • April: The Project Easy Customs is moving


  • December: Table of autumn, latest news in the customs
  • October: Future neighbor, the new step of the modernized Customs apart from the January 1 2011
  • September: AEO Certification, effective tool in the fight against counterfeiting
  • May: Construction of trust between the company and Customs through the pillars of knowledge, awareness and responsibility
  • January: How to reduce and simplify customs controls


  • December: "Super Made in Italy" and "100% made in Italy" when the remedy is (almost) worse than the disease
  • September: Prevention customs: how to emerge unscathed from the evolution of global controls
  • June: The advantages of the "Customs in the body"
  • May: Deposits VAT and clearance procedures, a very good synergy
  • January: The new frontiers of Customs


  • October: Evolution of controls for the companies operating with foreign
  • June: Litigation customs: it is better to avoid them, you can prevent
  • April: Project "Dogana Facile" (Easy Customs)
  • November: Customs clearance procedures at "home"

Companies and products

  • Members and product categories list

    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.