What is Project Customs Easy?
And 'the service of excellence SOUL, directed to companies that import and export from countries outside the EEC.

What does this service?
The service provides via the Partner Easyfrontier training, advice, information and assistance on strategic, legal and management of corporate life through and through certain benefits granted by the Community Customs Code and found the previously subjective and objective requirements to obtain them.

What are these benefits?
The ability to clear the goods c / o its stores to avoid passing through customs, through Clearance Procedures, The opportunity to be recognized as a reliable partner in international trade due to the Reliability certification of Customs (OAS) , The possibility of certifying the origin of their goods directly in the invoice thanks to the status of approved exporter.

What is the time to get these permissions by the Customs Agency?
The average time range from 3 6 to months, depending on several variables.

This new way of working involves making new human resources?
No. In fact enhance the existing mode of operation making it more harmonious but also entirely manageable.

Who should I contact for technical advice? How much does it cost?

Request a free consultation meeting through the contact form, Indicating in the request "Project Easy Customs" or fill in the voucher attached hereto.

Dr. Carmela Massaro
Project Manager Customs Easy SOUL

Direct Line 02.45418305
mobile 389.3436217
Fax 02.45418340

Please note that the advice and feasibility studies are free for members SOUL.

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