History: together with companies since 1914

On 14 February 1914 at the Chamber of Commerce of Milan in the presence of a committee of industrialists led by lawyer Olivetti ANIMA "National Association of Mechanical Entrepreneurs" was founded.
At the beginning "We were only thirty-threewith the aim of creating a 'specific body for studying, supporting and promoting whatever may be of interest and utility for the engineering industry and related industries, and especially for safeguarding common interests in the economic field. "

At that time, the mechanical industry in Italy was a well-established and vital reality, and in this scenario ANIMA placed itself immediately as a boost of economic development, gathering the most significant figures of the new industry, from Giovanni Agnelli to Giuseppe Orlando and Ercole Marelli.
Some of the founding members:
Agnelli, Augusta, Braibanti, Breda, Fiat, Marelli, Macchi, Necchi, Olivetti, Riva, Salmoiraghi, Tosi.

To 1899 dates back the foundation of Fiat company. However, beside large companies several engineering companies with lower impact of image, but of extraordinary value for the country economy had been spreading already in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

This industry almost hidden devoted himself with competence and creativity in productions that were indeed the rib of the industrial, civil and infrastructure system. Some examples: tractors, knives, scientific precision instruments, radios, small metal parts, locks.

In the early years of its existence ANIMA played firstly an action aimed at adopting a customs duty that could safeguard the National mechanical sector from foreign competition, given that the policy of protection made the purchase of raw materials extremely burdensome and therefore Made in Italy products not very competitive.

Following the tragic events of the war, especially the 25 May 1945, ANIMA started again its activity and 53 Enterprises reconstituted what was called AIMMI (Italian Association of Mechanical and Metallurgical Industries), later renamed ANIMA.

As for its specific role, the Association has become what it actually is: a national trade association representing the engineering companies, which soon became for the whole industry a national reference point, safeguarding interests, promoting growth, development and technological updating.

From 312 associated companies in 1950, ANIMA passes over 500 members in 10 years to eventually grow and involve about 1000 companies.

After years of deep development a change of ANIMA name was carried out in 1988 from "Association of Enterprises" to "Federation of Associations and Unions" within ConfindustriaA real step forward that has put at the disposal of thousands of member companies - with more than 60 specific productions - a "system" to achieve new breakthroughs in modern national and international contexts.

In 2014 ANIMA celebrated its centenary, an important step to recall the continued commitment of the Federation alongside enterprises Italian mechanics.

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