Objectives of ANIMA activities

institutional relations
Promoting corporate culture, social values ​​and civic entrepreneurship and synergy between member-companies.
- In order to talk and discuss with national and international organizations and authorities

Communication, External Relations and Internationalization
Creating communication tools / promotion (magazine, events, newsletters, press, missions, etc) and consolidated network of media contacts and strategic partners
- To raise awareness of the political and institutional, national and international level, on the mechanical issues
- To enhance and promote the products and the members of a Soul

- To communicate with the media and give voice to the values, the activities and demands of the sector of Mechanics
- To offer high value-added services in agreement

- To propose initiatives for business growth

sectoral studies
Providing real-time economic estimates relating to the world of mechanics, through surveys, data processing from different sources and market surveys in collaboration with research institutions and universities
- proving political weight and on the market of both Federation and member-companies

Marketing and Association Development
Enhancing sentiment of ANIMA membership, through constant monitoring of both business needs and services for members.
- in order to provide members with activities and services meeting market development.
- in order to maintain and widen ANIMA trade representativeness

Technical and regulatory
Offering technical-regulatory support on specific issues, through active participation in all decision-making tables at national and European level
- in order to protect members' interests.

Interpreting measures affecting mechanical companies, assisting members in applying laws and regulations, providing advice on technical aspects / legal and statutory relationships between and with associations, ministries and entities
- in order to inform and update quickly and timely member-companies and stakeholders.

Sectorial secretariats
Representing different sectors represented by ANIMA for providing a service targeted to member-companies requirements.
- in order to give real answers related to the development of the sector
- in order to ensure a timely updating on issues of interest for companies.

Companies and products

  • Members and product categories list

    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.