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Procedures for domiciliation services

The procedure of domiciliation services set by the Community Customs Code since 1993, allows companies to export and import their products, avoiding the transition from Customs, replacing for it self-certifying the information relating to the goods exported or imported. The goods, therefore, departs and arrives already cleared directly
from the company's warehouses, free from any customs formalities.

L 'Company, which will activate local clearance procedures will enjoy some advantages. Including, for example:
• elimination of the waiting times of the goods for customs purposes
• significant reduction of transaction costs (ASA Services Company Soul, thanks to the new online procedure, it is able to charge substantially lower rates than those normally used)
• received in real-time "exit visa" for export by the Customs of exit from the European Union average delay of thirty days of the payment of customs duties (duty and VAT)
This is possible thanks to an authorization granted to the Company by the Customs as a result of which the checks and controls on the goods will drop considerably (because the company will enjoy the beneficiary of the trust by customs).
The joint effort with the Customs is to bring Italian companies towards Community standards which foresee the use of the clearance procedures as a tool for absolute ease of operation of import and export. This means greater efficiency, lower costs and, therefore, better national and international competitiveness.

Local clearance procedures, even little-used, will be activated with a contribution representative for member companies through and through ASA that will assist the Company in all dealings with the Customs Agency and shipping them directly produce customs declarations electronically , on behalf of the Company. Thanks to this system, the Company will be completely free from any fulfillment.

Certification of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

From January 1 2008, on the basis of EC Regulation 1875 / 2006, European companies may require local customs authorities issuing a certification that allows you to speed up and simplify customs controls in all international trade: the Authorized Economic Operator (Authorized Economic Operator).
The certification is based on the construction of the so-called secure supply chain, ie on the ability to attach to each other all the agents involved in an international exchange, without any flaws in the physical handling of freight and customs treatment of hooking one all the other agents involved in an international exchange, without any loopholes in the tariff treatment and physical goods.
Obtaining status allows economic operators to qualify as a subject of "reliable" and with respect to other operators in the chain compared to the Customs Authorities European and non-European.
With reference to the customs authorities, the status allows for the application of appreciable simplifications in customs and security controls for all goods arriving and departing from the establishment.

Three possible certifications:
- AEOF: customs simplifications and security checks
- AEOC: only customs simplifications
- AEOS: only simplifications in security controls

The main advantages of the AEO Certification
• Channels preferential customs clearance
• Radical simplification in obtaining any customs authorization
• Up to 95% fewer physical and documentary checks by the Customs
• Prior notification of all controls arranged by Customs
• Weight reduction and elimination of security controls prepared from Third Countries

The status of approved exporter

The approved exporter is a person who can do the "certificates of preferential origin" - generally the invoice declarations - they replace the normal certificate EUR 1 in trade with countries that recognize this facility.
The authorization is issued by the competent Customs territory and enables the company which holds it to be eligible for reduced or zero duty.

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