Orgalime is the European Federation representing 40 associations that are owned by the companies 130.000 mechanical, electromechanical, electronic and metal products of 23 European countries.
The companies represented by Orgalime employ 10,3 Million units and a turnover of about 1.800 Billion euros in 2013. The industrial sector represented amounts to 28% of total production and is one third of exports of the European Union.

From November 29 2012 Dr. Sandro Bonomi, former President SOUL, assumed the Presidency of Orgalime.

Federations - belonging to Orgalime
• FMMI - FEEI (Austria)
• AGORIA (Belgium)
• BASSEL (Bulgaria)
• DI (Denmark)
• The Federation of Industries Finish Technology (Finland)
• Alliance TICS - FIEEC FIM (France)
• VDMA - WSM - ZVEI (Germany)
• BEAMA - EAMA - GAMBICA (Great Britain)
• IEEF (Ireland)
• Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia (Latvia)
• LINPRA (Lithuania)
• ILTM (Luxembourg)
• Norsk Industri (Norway)
• FME / CWM - Metaalunie (Netherlands)
• Federation of the Chambers of the Economic Electromechanical Industries (Poland)
• AIMMAP, ANEMM (Portugal)
• GZS-MPIA (Slovenia)
• SWISSMEM (Switzerland)

• Providing updated information to members about the activities of the European Union and European institutions of specific interest to Orgalime.
• Collecting and coordinating views of the European industry and influencing the decisions of the political organs of the European Union and other international bodies.
• Promoting relations between joining Federations and Associations.

Orgalime in order to support companies in different kinds of contracts necessary in the international trade, issues models, guidelines and contract conditions.

References ORGALIME:
Diamant Building - 5 th floor
Boulevard A. Reyers 80, B-1030 Brussels, Belgium
Tel + 32 2 7068235 - Telefax + 32 2 7068250

For information and registration:
Alessandro Maggioni, Director of ANIMA Technical Area
Tel. 02.45418500

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