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Press review - Easy Customs Project

20/01/15 Customs and internationalization. Foster the competitiveness of enterprises The Morning - Naples
20/01/15 Customs operations easier with the certificate Aeo The Morning - Naples
23/12/14 AEO certification helps companies
30/04/13 Down costs and bureaucracy with customs "do it yourself" The Sun 24 hours
27/06/12 "Exports difficult" all'AIN a meeting Wednesday July 4 Ok Novara
20/06/12 Difficult exports: dual use and embargoes, solutions and simplifications in the world Confindustria
01/07/12 Exports difficult: dual use and embargoes, solutions and simplifications Geo News
01/07/12 Exports: Wednesday 4 July, a meeting dedicated all'AIN
Novara Today
30/11/11 Certification Customs today the seminar limited to firms The Tirreno - Pistoia
30/10/11 Competitive with the Customs do-it-yourself The Sun 24 hours
02/10/11 Easy Customs Project: China does not frighten us. The secret is in search The print
01/10/11 Easy Customs Project: In the vital area companies Padania
01/10/11 Easy Customs Project: Faucets, exports passing through customs The Journal of Piedmont - National
30/09/11 Avr: The Customs of Novara reward "Pettinaroli" The print
15/05/11 SOUL "easy Customs' for companies The print
19/02/11 The new customs 2011 Il Corriere di Novara
17/02/11 SOUL: Greater participation in the meeting "Announcements customs 2011 Piedmont press
01/07/08 The Italian mechanical industry is second only to Germany hydraulics Pneumatics

Press releases - Easy Customs Project

Customs Agency and monopolies. Conference: "Press. Novara: information session on" New customs procedures and simplification of import / export "
Bureau of Customs of Brescia. Conference: "Customs and business, a partnership for competitiveness"
Customs Agency rewards Mechanics Novara
19/09/11 Customs Agency rewards the mechanical Brescia BLOOD
07/03/11 Project Customs Easy: Seminar in Biella on March 10 2011
23/02/11 Easy Customs Project: "Customs and business, a partnership for competitiveness" seminar at Villa Pariani
28/01/09 Easy Customs Project: Meeting between the President of the Federation of Soul and the Director of the Customs Agency on the simplification of customs procedures
25/07/08 Project Customs Easy: Signed agreement between the Customs Agency and the Federation of Associations of Mechanical and Engineering akin

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