Project "Dogana Facile" (Easy Customs)

in collaboration with

More autonomy and external competitiveness.

ANIMA Federation, through its service company in collaboration with ASA Easyfrontier (Consulting firm expert in customs matters), offers member companies the opportunity to use the Customs as an additional lever in relation to the competition on international markets ensuring the availability of easy at preferential rates.

This is the concept Project "Dogana Facile" (Easy Customs) that provides training, information and assistance on strategic, legal and management of corporate life through and through certain benefits granted by the Community Customs Code.
SOUL, in the role of official representative of Mechanical and Engineering, has signed with the Directorate General of Customs Agency a Memorandum of Understanding in order to increase cooperation between their organizations and to prevent and combat illicit trafficking.

The Project Easy Customs puts the skills of its experts available to member companies operating with foreign countries, in order to facilitate the fluidity and efficiency of customs operations related to international trade.

To know the details and benefits, ask for a meeting without obligation by the contact us form, By selecting the request "Project Easy Customs."

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L'Implementation Day (January 16 2016) was the starting point of the gradual removal of economic sanctions with Iran and the gradual re-establishment of trade relations with the West, particularly Italy, its historical partner.

But there are specificities in trade and customs trade with Iran, that companies intending to export to this country should note and apply.

To this end, Easy Frontier (ANIMA partner companies for the Customs Easy project) has messo up un information document

It is a practical and policy handbook for exporters and a valuable cautionary information tool for companies that want approccciarsi the Iranian market.

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