Legal Services

The legal service of Anima it is committed to providing support companies and federations with support for the interpretation and dissemination of measures relating to the construction and marketing of products of interest to mechanical engineering firms. In addition to the general comments on the measures, counseling offers companies and associations the opportunity to solve specific problems of interpretation and application of regulations concerning industrial and product sectors.

The service also contributes to the setting up of related issues by law enforcement companies in order to make their solution easier.

It is available for consultancy services on technical / legal aspects and statutes in relations between and with federations, associations, entities, Confindustrial system and ministries.

As far as internal relations are concerned, the service collaborates with associations in the drafting of statutes and their application.

The most important themes of the service:

- relationship between voluntary technical standards and laws;
- the relationship between Community and national legislation;
- counterfeiting and false product marking;
- businesses and consumers;
- Misleading competition and advertising;
- protection of confidentiality;
- environmental standards;
- relations with national institutions;
- legal metrology.

By means of communications and articles published by Anima Magazine, The Meccanica Industria, the service discloses news and updates on laws affecting affiliated companies.

Companies and products

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    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.