SOUL two years is an institutional member of INCU - ​​International Network of Customs Universities to ensure up to date content on the customs aspects and institutional tables to represent the interests of Italian companies.

The International Network of Customs Universities (acronym, INCU) is an international non-profit organization established to promote the academic profession of customs, with the aim of creating greater public awareness in customs matters; the aim is to achieve greater network visibility customs, encouraging the spread of best practices within institutions for international trade.
In achieving this purpose, the INCU works in close collaboration the World Customs Organization, especially in the context of the program PICARD (Partnerships in Customs Academic Research and Development).

In the pictures below, the presence INCU Global Conferences in Spain and Azerbaijan.


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    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.