Courses Climgas

C/o ASSISTAL viale Restelli 3 - Milano
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21/05/13 - 22/05/13

Climgas, in collaboration with Assistal, by the way their training on technologies for air conditioning gas and thermally activated.

The courses are taught by professionals in the industry, are aimed at designers and installers and provide two modules from a day each:

  • The first module is dedicated to technology absorption refrigerators;
  • the second module is heat pumps driven by a gas combustion engine.

Participants will be distributed the book "the air conditioning gas and thermally activated" commissioned by Climgas at the Milan Polytechnic.

at the end of each day will receive a certificate of participation.

Courses will be held at the headquarters Assistal of Milan, in Via Restelli 3

Attached course programs, the Secretariat remains at your disposal for any clarification.

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