SEMINAR Rohs Directive - Towards the 2019 Open Scope

Milano, sede ANIMA
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ANIMA Confindustria Meccanica Varia, in collaboration with ICIM, promotes, as a first in-depth study, an information seminar on the 2011 / 65 / EU 'RoHS' Directive which represents the legislative reference for the limitation of the use of certain hazardous substances in the equipment electrical and electronic.

As a novelty, the 2011 / 65 / EU Directive introduces, starting from July of 2019, an "open-scope" that will ensure that part of the mechanical industry products will have to comply with the requirements of the Directive.

The 2011 / 65 / CE 'RoHS2' Directive has established rules regarding the restriction of the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in order to contribute to the protection of human health and the environment, including recovery and disposal ecologically correct waste from EEE.

Compared to the first RoHS Directive (2002 / 95 / CE Directive) the RoHS2 is presented as a separate directive (and no longer interconnected with the WEEE Directive, with a substantially extended scope with the addition of a new category that includes all EEE not covered by any of the other 10 categories envisaged (open scope).

Purpose of the seminar is to take stock of the application of the Directive, in view of the 22 July 2019, date on which the restrictions will be applicable to all EEE.


Producers and users of electrical and electronic equipment, with particular reference to figures operating in Research & Development, Production, Product Certification, Quality.


• Presentation of Soul and ICIM

• Principles of the Directive

• Scope of application, exclusions, derogations

• RoHS compliance: technical documentation required

• "RoHS Supply Chain" involved subjects and related responsibilities

• Company functions mainly involved

• Practical examples of application of the provisions

• Laboratory tests, indications


• Ing. Marco Birocchi, ICIM

• Dr. Davide Pesenti, ICIM

Seat of the Course

ANIMA, via A. Scarsellini 11 / 13 - 20161 Milan

Participation methods

Associate ANIMA or ICIM CUSTOMERS: free

Not associated SOUL: € 100,00 + VAT 22% (per participant) *

* 20% discount from the 2 ° participant coming from the same company


Companies and products

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