Course: Materials and objects in contact with food (MOCA) - interpretation and application of regulations and good manufacturing practices

Of interest to:

Interpretation and application of regulations and good manufacturing practices.

Objectives of the course:
The course allows to acquire the basic knowledge on the legislative provisions related to MOCA, a fundamental prerequisite to clarify the mandatory obligations, in an area where laws and regulations are constantly evolving.
The course, in addition to providing insights on the technical and operational tools aimed at ensuring the conformity of products and processes, deals with the best practices indicated by the current legislation with a declination in specific production situations.
All in compliance with food safety and consumer health protection.

Who is
The seminar is aimed at manufacturers / manufacturers of materials, objects and machines for domestic, professional, commercial and industrial use who are in contact, working or processing food including, for example:
- Pots, pans, cooking utensils, food containers
- Food processing machines for meat processing
- Slicers, meat mincers, coffee grinders, kneaders, citrus juicers, and similar
- Machines for bakery, for the production of pasta
- Coffee machines, machines for the automatic distribution of hot drinks
- Machines for refrigeration, for ice cream

The professionals involved:
Product Certification, Quality, R & D, Production, Purchasing or Customer Service, Sales of Components

For further details on the program, costs, payment methods, etc. see the poster and the enclosed registration form.

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