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New training course organized by ANIMA Federation for the "key role" in the company that targets foreign markets

ANIMA enriches the training offer for operators in the mechanical industry active in international markets. The traditional Focus Country and Legal Seminars are now complemented by a new strategic path, aimed at professional training of figures called to internationalize their company.

In the current context, where the positive push for the recovery of the Italian economy is strongly influenced by the export ability of enterprises, where globalization does not only mean seeking new customers but competing with new forms and new types of competition, ANIMA places attention on the role of the manager and the entrepreneur who need to take on the contents of a management training that takes into account the different sales methods and the strong impact of IT technology, this is a must for achieving companies' success in new markets. The 90% of Italian business realities believes it is possible to start an internationalization process with dedicated internal staff (source Sigma Consulting). The appropriate professional profile, that of Exxport Manager, becomes the key to knowingly operate on foreign markets .

Subscriptions are limited and allow the participation of a maximum number of participants 6.

The chronological order of the arrival of the inscriptions will be faithful.

The course is open to members and non-members. Easy participation costs for ANIMA members.

How to enroll in the attached poster.

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