Metallurgy Course for Non-Metallurgists

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15/10/19 - 16/10/19

The Italian Metallurgy Association - under the patronage of ANIMA, AIPnD, Assofermet, Assofond, IGQ, Federacciai, Unisa proposes the seventh edition of the Metallurgy course for non-metallurgists. The training initiative is aimed at those who work with metallic materials and often could not receive the necessary metallurgical bases in time.

The Course develops into six days, divided over three consecutive weeks, to guarantee continuity and, at the same time, limit prolonged absences from companies. The teachers, chosen from well-known experts in Italy and abroad, of both academic and industrial extraction, ensure a mix of skills that are difficult to reach elsewhere.

The course is dedicated to people not involved in activities that require advanced preparation in the various metallurgical sectors, but for which knowledge, interpretation and explanation of metallurgy in the most varied technological, applicative, selective, inspection and testing sectors is sufficient. .

"Metallurgy for non-metallurgists", with a language for "non-specialists", is aimed at managers, sales and purchasing staff, designers, inspectors and in general to all those who have to work and use metallic materials, without necessarily having a university preparation.

The program provides, even if succinctly, and lesson by lesson, the main indications regarding the different topics covered in the Course.

The lessons will follow one another in order to provide the participant with an overview of three hundred and sixty degrees of the large metallurgical sector.

ANIMA members will be able to participate at subsidized costs (registration form attached)

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