The EMC Directive 2014 / 30 / EU Electromagnetic Compatibility - Basic Course

Milano, sede ANIMA
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The European 2014 / 30 / EU Directive on Electromagnetic Compatibility is in force since 18 April 2014 and has completely replaced the previous 2004 / 108 / CE directive, the 20 April 2016.
In order to declare conformity with the essential criteria of the directive and to be able to affix the CE marking, a technical document must be prepared.

An important aspect is to clarify which products must be marked and which are not.
The new 2014 / 30 / EU directive is not very different from the previous one, but has the merit of clearly reaffirming the obligations and responsibilities of the various economic operators and specifying the methods of declaring conformity in a uniform way to that of other directives of the new approach.

What type of company it is aimed at:
Manufacturers of Industrial, Commercial, Professional and Domestic Machines.
Component manufacturers for the above machines.

The professionals involved:
Responsible for declarations of conformity, technical designers, Research & Development, Production, Product Certification, Quality. Company technical managers and technical assistance staff.

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