Materials in contact with drinking water. The correct application of the current regulations

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The materials that can be used in contact with water intended for human consumption are regulated by Ministerial Decree DM 174 / 2004 which, with a view to preserving the water potability requirements of the 98 / 83 / CE Directive, provides indications regarding their compositional characteristics and to the tasks of the builders. The course elaborates on the main points of the decree, focusing on their practical application to the main products intended for contact with drinking water. It also presents the innovations introduced by the revision of the Decree, foreseen for the 2018, also according to the initiatives undertaken by 5MS (5 Member States: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Holland and Portugal).

Objectives of the course
The course allows you to acquire the basic elements to ascertain and demonstrate the conformity of the products to the DM 174 / 2004; illustrates the methods to verify the suitability of the materials or to choose any analytical tests to be carried out in order to draw up a declaration of conformity consistent with the requirements of the decree, intervening, if necessary, with appropriate corrective actions (eg replacement of materials or finishes ).

Who is

The seminar is aimed at manufacturers / producers of materials, components, plants, devices and machines that are in contact with drinking water, including for example:
- Valves, fittings, pipes
- Faucets
- Pumps
- Plants for the supply of domestic hot water
- Water treatment systems

The professionals involved:
Product Certification, Quality, R & D, Production, Purchasing or Customer Service, Sales of Components

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