RTM Breda "Failure Analysis" Course

Sede ANIMA (22/2) - RTM BREDA - Cormano (23/2)
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The course, carried out in collaboration with RTM Breda, intends to describe the methods of conducting a damage analysis ("Failure Analysis") for a pressure plant, including the most appropriate types of analysis, illustrating their applicability and explaining the results obtainable with their interpretations.

The course will develop following a concrete complete analysis of pressure implant damage, exemplary, multidisciplinary, from the initial inspection at the victim of damage to conclusions and final recommendations, following step by step this complex case through the various investigations and laboratory analysis and calculation.

The description of further illustrative practical cases will favor the interactivity of the course. The module aims to provide practical and theoretical foundations for understanding the principles of Failure Analysis and for obtaining the maximum result from a coordinated collaboration between project, mechanic and process area, exercise and damage analyst.

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