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  • 16/01/19

    The energy package guidelines have been published and will have to be implemented within the first few months of the 2020:

    2018 / 844 directive publishes on the GUCE L 156 / 75 amending the 2010 / 31 / EU directive on energy performance in buildings

    2018 / 2001 directive published in the 38 GUCE N. 21 / 12 / 2018 which establishes a common framework for the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources.

  • 16/01/19

    The Proposal for an Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate (PNIEC) was broadcast Tuesday 8 January, from our ministries to the European Commission, as required by the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council 2016 / 0375 on the Governance of the Union of power.

    Among the main objectives of the instrument is the achievement of a percentage of production of RES energy in the final Gross Energy Consumption equal to 30%, in line with the objectives set for the country by the EU.

  • 16/07/18

    The Clean Energy Package scenario and the EU targets for the reduction of climate-altering emissions are determining a series of legislative initiatives in our country as well.

  • The 1 July last was held in Brussels a Workshop on gas quality organized by the European Commission.
    The purpose of the WS was to take stock of the situation with regard to the CEN standardization process, as well as evaluate some important aspects related to the future quality of the gas, such as its impact on the safety of the devices, the impact of harmonization and quality of gas on the efficient and safe operation of the waste and the role that technology and innovation can play in the field of quality of gas.

  • WEEE Directive: The recast of the WEEE Directive was published in the Official Journal of the European Union L 197 / 38 last July 24 2012 and must be implemented by Member States by February 14 2014.

  • The Regulations were published in the Official Journal of the European N. L of 239 6 September 2013 and 26 September 2013 from the executive, without any national implementation.

  • Federica Sabbati new Secretary General EHI (Association of the European Heating Industry), the European association of industries that deal with heating, and the Secretary General Assotermica Musazzi Federico, who was visiting at the plant Immergas Brescello, took part in a debate during which we analyzed the future standard in home heating to be introduced in Europe from 2014.

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  • European Association HEY, confirms the assignment of the secretariat of 4 Dept - Domestic Heating Appliances - to Assotermica, in the person of Mr.. Tino Cereda.
    And 'This is an important opportunity that we were able to capture part of the reorganization of EHI in order to play a leading role in the development of topics of priority interest for our association.