Australia - Oil & Gas opportunities for access to the most dynamic market in the coming years 10

Martedì, 11 Giugno, 2013 - 10:00 - 17:00
Teatro di Varese

The event, organized by the UCC, will be divided into a first part which are specifically aimed at technicians of the boiler titled Australia - Oil & Gas - Pressure Equipment Regulation, subjects of topical interest and for our industry.

In the evening there will be a meeting with businessmen of the sector metal work on possible new market opportunities and concrete Australia, entitled "Australia for entrepreneurs: how to seize opportunities."
The event helps to create opportunities for local entrepreneurs to develop projects and bilateral agreements starting with an update of the strategic routes for access to a market with high growth potential which is Australia.

The detailed program, the Form of entries and how to reach the location are available on the event website:

L 'meeting also provides the public part of the General Assembly of Shareholders UCC. It 'program in fact, even the private part of the Assembly, open to all and only the UCC Associates