Periodical testing of pressure equipment, in accordance with Decree 329 / 2004

Giovedì, 31 Gennaio, 2013 - 09:30 - 14:00
Federazione ANIMA

Seminar organized by the Association of Builders Boiler UCC
Milan, January 31 2013 - ANIMA Federation, Conference Room

hours 09.30 Registration of participants

Start seminar hours 10.00

How to run periodic checks.
The requirements of an authorized person (explanation of the Decree April 11 2011)
Eng. Abdul Ghani Ahmad - Ministry of Labor and Social Policies

How to conduct the first periodic verification
Carlo De Petris e Ing Andrea Tonti - POS

The second of the periodic checks and the relationship with a qualified entity
Ing Luigi Pallavicini - Piacenza ASL

The system of periodic audits and qualification of pressure equipment
Mr. Vincenzo Coreggia - Ministry of Economic Development

The point of view of manufacturers UCC
Dr. Emanuela Tosto - Walter Tosto

The point of view of the Users
Mr. Antonio Barison - SARPOM

the ANIMP perspective
A representative - ANIMP

13.15 hours Roundtable


MANUFACTURERS of such equipment so that they are aware of all the information you can pass on to their customers. Users in such a way that they know in a comprehensive manner the system of checks. The STAKEHOLDERS OF PERIODIC CHECKS fulfillment.

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