Advanced Manufacturing Conference

Mercoledì, 21 Febbraio, 2018 - 09:45 - 19:00
Milano, Campus Bovisa del Politecnico

"Advanced Manufacturing Conference", institutional launch event of the "Innovation Days" project, a journey in five stages, between June 2018 and January 2019, through the most important US industrial areas, to support and make known the competitiveness of the Italian offer of industrial technology and new generation machinery on the US market. in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston and other US universities.

The Advanced Manufacturing Conference will take place on 21 February at the Bovisa Campus of the Milan Polytechnic and is carried out by ITA / ICE-Agenzia in collaboration with the business associations of the sectors concerned and with the Polytechnic of Milan and Turin, under the aegis of the Ministry of Economic Development. On this occasion all the institutions present will be available for comparison with Italian companies, which will also be able to deepen the paths of participation in the Innovation Days of respective interest.

The United States invests in technology with strategic initiatives such as the US Manufacturing plan, aimed at bringing the country back into a leading position in the manufacturing sector; therefore new opportunities are opening up for companies supplying machinery and equipment with a high level of innovation. ITA / ICE - Agency aims to multiply these opportunities, supporting the Italian offer and encouraging the meeting between the actors of this process.



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