Belt & Road: Business Mission in Macau

Giovedì, 30 Maggio, 2019 (Tutto il giorno) - Venerdì, 31 Maggio, 2019 (Tutto il giorno)
Macao (Cina)

As part of the activities dedicated to the development of collaborations in Third Countries between our SMEs and Chinese companies on Belt & Road projects, Confindustria is preparing one entrepreneurial mission in Macao, the next 30 and 31 May, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development, to promote and enhance the Italian offer in terms of products and services to potential Chinese customers active in projects abroad.

The initiative would take place in the context of the 10 International Infrastructure Investment & Construction Forum, the most important event in China dedicated to infrastructure and organized by the Chinese contractors' association, CHINCA-China International Contractors Association, which this year will be dedicated to theme "Promoting Quality and Sustainable Development of International Infrastructure". This is an event of great importance not only for the level of interlocutors - CHINCA is the Association which includes over 1.300 companies that represent around 90% of the sector in China - but also for the opportunity it offers to companies of initiate and / or strengthen contacts with the main Chinese players in the area of ​​infrastructures for possible industrial and commercial collaborations in Third Countries on Belt & Road projects.
The communication is diffused only to the sectors of interest: Engineering and Technical Design, Operation & Maintenance, Solutions for Urban and Railway Transport, Maritime Works, Building Materials, Green Technologies & Energy Efficiency, Water Treatment and Waste Disposal - which can manifest the own interest in participating, by the next 10 April, to:

Indeed, by this date it will be possible to agree with the Chinese counterparts b2b meetings and / or presentations of corporate best practices (possibly through a panel dedicated to "Italian Distinctive Construction, Design and Engineering's Value Proposition") and / or the display of Italian products and services to potential Chinese and other countries present customers. A preliminary version of the program is attached.

La participation in the mission is free while travel and accommodation expenses, as usual, will be borne by the participants. Further organizational details will be provided later to the companies concerned.

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