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Missione imprenditoriale dedicata alle PMI
Mercoledì, 25 Settembre, 2019 (Tutto il giorno) - Venerdì, 27 Settembre, 2019 (Tutto il giorno)

The third edition of the entrepreneurial mission in China dedicated to SMEs organized by Confindustria, ICE Agency and ABI within the Italy-China Business Forum is scheduled from 25 to 27 next September, in the city of Tianjin.
The initiative will take place on the occasion of the 5 year since the establishment of the BFIC, the body founded by the Italian and Chinese governments in the 2014 with the aim of promoting economic relations between the two countries, co-chaired by the Italian side by Fabrizio Palermo ( CEO of the CDP Group) and the Chairman of Bank of China, Liu Liange, on the Chinese side.

The mission will be open to small and medium-sized companies operating in the following industrial sectors:
- Automotive
- Biomedical
- Food & Beverage
- Mechanics (in particular for the chemical and petrochemical industry, for metalworking and robotics)
- Machines and Technologies for Agro-industry.

With a population of over 15 million inhabitants, Tianjin is one of the four autonomous municipalities of China (along with Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing) and is an integral part of the Bohai Bay Economic Zone, one of the country's three most important economic areas. In the 2018 the GDP of the City has exceeded the 284 billion USD (over the 2% of the total of China) in growth of 3,6% compared to the previous year while its per capita GDP (18.000 USD / annually) places it at the third placed among the Chinese provinces, behind Beijing and Shanghai.
Today the City can count on a consolidated industrial base with peaks of excellence in the sectors of high technological intensity, in particular electronics and ICT. In Tianjin, some of the main smartphone manufacturers and their components are based, and in the 2017 the added value of the high-tech industry has represented around 65% of the total production of the Municipality. Other important supply chains for Tianjin's economy are automotive, oil & gas, metallurgy and biomedical products.
Tianjin's exports to the 2018 reached USD 48,8 billion, up 12% from the previous year, while imports exceeded 73 billion, up 6%. More than half of the Municipality's foreign trade is attributable to foreign multinationals that in the 2017 have mobilized resources for 10 billion USD, expressing more than 30% of the industrial added value of the Municipality. ICT and advanced mechanics products represent more than 37% of Tianjin exports, followed by transport vehicles and electric cars. In terms of imports, machinery and means of transport are the first item of purchases from abroad, followed by non-food raw materials.
Thanks to its geographical location, Tianjin has developed the largest port system in northern China (500 million tons of goods handled in the 2017, almost 6% of the national total), which connects the city to around 200 countries and 400 destinations of the world. In order to strengthen Tianjin's position as the economic center of northern China, in the 2015 the Beijing government established the "Binhai New Area", the third economic hub of national priority interest after Shenzhen and Shanghai Pudong.

Mission program
The work schedule includes the arrival of the delegation to Tianjin on Wednesday 25 September; on the evening of the same day, a welcome briefing will be organized to introduce the mission followed by an in-depth analysis of the financial instruments available to Italian companies to operate in China. On Thursday, 26 / 09 will host a session dedicated to presenting the opportunities for collaboration and investment offered by the Tianjin Municipality, followed by bilateral meetings between Italian companies and Chinese counterparts. The next day, Friday 27 September, will be devoted to technical visits, while from the afternoon the companies will be able to organize their return to Italy.
A program of the initiative updated to today's date is attached.

membership initiative
Companies interested in participating in the mission may have to confirm their participation at the link: Mission China SME Mission.. The deadline for registration was extended to 6 September.
For applications received at a later date, the organization of business meetings will not be guaranteed. It should also be noted that should the profile of the Italian company registered with the b2b meetings not be of interest to Chinese counterparties, the organizers will notify it.

Language of the work
The working languages ​​will be Chinese and Italian for seminar moments and English for B2B sessions. The presence of Italian-Chinese interpreters will therefore be guaranteed exclusively for the plenary sessions, while for bilateral meetings English-Chinese interpreters will be available.

Among the communication actions planned to facilitate contacts with local counterparts, we also report the creation of a digital catalog, in Italian and Chinese, with a page dedicated to each company that will take part in the bilateral meetings session.
For the preparation of the catalog, the information reported in the acceptance form will be used. At the time of registration, the logo (Company or Brand) must then be uploaded on the site in vector or high definition format which will then be shown in the catalog and circulated in China via wechat for the publication of the mission and the profiles of the participating companies.

Organization and logistics
Participation in the mission is free; each participant will be responsible for travel and accommodation expenses in China. More information on this will be provided with a subsequent logistic circular.

Formalities for entry into China
Please note that entry into China requires a passport with a residual validity of at least six months and an entry visa to be requested, including through specialized agencies, from Chinese diplomatic-consular representations present in Italy.

For more information on the methods and documentation requested, please consult the website

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