Italy-Mozambique Business Forum

Martedì, 9 Luglio, 2019 - 09:00 - 16:00
Roma, Confindustria (Via dell'Astronomia 30)

Tuesday 9 July Confindustria organizes at its headquarters and in collaboration with the Embassy of Mozambique in Italy, the CTA, the CCMI and ENI, an Italy-Mozambique Business Forum, on the occasion of the official visit to Italy of the President of the Mozambican Republic, Felipe Nyusi.

With an estimated GDP growth that in the 2019 should reach a 4% rate, the Mozambican economy confirms its recovery from the economic and financial crisis of the 2016. Also in terms of the trade balance in the 2018 there was a positive improvement, with an increase in the 14% of the interchange value compared to the previous year (for a total of 12 billion USD). Mozambique is a country that has an abundance of natural resources, especially for the huge reserves of natural gas, coal, titanium, granite, gypsum, graphite and precious stones. Its geographical position is also strategic as a platform for access to East African countries, given that Mozambique offers an outlet to the sea to as many as six countries in the region.
Italy maintains particularly stable relations with the country (among the EU countries we are in fact the second supplier country, according to 2018 data), also thanks to the consolidated presence of large Italian groups, including in particular ENI, engaged in a series of exploration and production activities from the 2006.

The work program will begin at 9.00 (registration of participants is scheduled from 08.30) with an institutional session during which the President of the Republic Nyusi, the President of Confindustria Boccia and the President of the CTA will intervene. Vuma. To follow will be held a presentation of the investment and collaboration opportunities offered by Mozambique, especially for the following focus areas: oil & gas, agro-industry, construction and infrastructure, also with regard to the tourist ones.
Starting at 13.00 and until 16.00, a session of bilateral meetings will be held between the delegation of Mozambican companies following the President of the Republic and the Italian companies that have expressly requested it.
Attached a draft program initiative. The works will take place in Italian and Portuguese with simultaneous translation.

Participation in the initiative can be confirmed by completing, by next 1 July, the online form to the following "target =" _ blank "> link.

Also attached is a first list of Mozambican companies, also available at the link for registration (in the section dedicated to b2b). At the time of registration the Italian participants can request meetings with the Mozambican companies listed in the list (indicating in the appropriate box the social reasons of the Mozambican companies of their interest, up to a maximum of 10 appointments).
Future updates regarding the Mozambican business delegation will be broadcast in the coming weeks.
For the purposes of organizing bilateral meetings, the chronological order of arrival of requests will be taken into account. Appointment agendas will be communicated to participants in the vicinity of the event.

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