Cubagua 2019

Martedì, 19 Marzo, 2019 (Tutto il giorno) - Venerdì, 22 Marzo, 2019 (Tutto il giorno)
L'Avana (Cuba)

ICE Havana proposes a private service of catalog library o participation with stands on the occasion of the "Cubagua 2019" fair, organized byNational Institute of Water Resources of Cuba which is the main trade fair dedicated to the hydraulic sector and water management.

In the enclosed circular, the focus of the event, which has reached the III ^ edition, is the use of water in industry and renewable energy, the use of water in the recreational, tourism, sanitation and health sectors while the central theme for the 2019 edition will be "Knowledge and Technology".

For more information on the event, see the website:

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Sicurezza e ambiente
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