Manufacturing Forum 2018

Lunedì, 12 Marzo, 2018 - 14:00 - Martedì, 13 Marzo, 2018 - 15:00
Milano, Il Sole 24 Ore

With the plan 4.0 company we are entering the fourth industrial revolution, tracing the path towards new frontiers for Made in Italy manufacturing and new business models.
But what impact will this transformation have on corporate organization, on human capital, and how to guarantee security in new digital ecosystems?

The scheduled event the 12 and 13 March 2018 at Il Sole 24 Ore (Viale Monte Rosa 91 - Milan) will analyze, also through specific focus, how to rethink the value chain with a view to 4.0 service. The event, with free participation, will be structured as the previous edition: half-day inaugural conference with institutional and scenario interventions, and a second day which, through specific focuses, will analyze the impact of digital in the various industrial sectors.

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ANIMA is the patron of the initiative.


h. 14.00 Registration of participants and welcome coffee
h. 14: 30 Opening of the works By Il Sole 24 ORE
h. 14: 40 Scenario intervention
h. 15: 00 INTERVIEW: Manufacturing in Europe: an industrial policy for interconnected digital markets
h. 15: 30 Financing the 4.0 company: tools and news
h. 16: 15 Round Table: SMART MANUFACTURING: the path to the intelligent factory
h. 17: 00 Round Table: 4.0 WORK: the fourth industrial revolution and the impact on human capital
h. 18: 00 Closing jobs

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13 March
h. 09: 00 Registration of participants and welcome coffee
h. 09: 30 New business models for new product generations: how to rethink the value chain
h. 09: 50 Round Table: LEAN INDUSTRY 4.0, the new frontiers for the manufacturing industry
h.11: 00 Round Table: FOCUS CYBER SECURITY - Managing information and operational risks in the 4.0 era: prevention and defense strategies for safeguarding production plants
h. 12: 00 Round Table: AUTOMOTIVE 4.0, which drivers for the evolution of the sector and for a new mobility
h. 13: 00 Light lunch
h. 14: 00 TEXTILE FOCUS 4.0 - New challenges and opportunities for 4.0 industry for textile machinery
h. 15: 00 Closing jobs

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