Mission to Ethiopia

Domenica, 30 Settembre, 2018 (Tutto il giorno) - Lunedì, 8 Ottobre, 2018 (Tutto il giorno)
Addis Abeba

The mission to Addis Ababa that was to take place from 2 to 5 May 2018 has been moved, at the request of the parties involved, and it will be held dat 30 September at 8 October 2018.

In the Ethiopian capital will be organized B2B between Italian companies and local cooperatives; visits to coffee plantations are planned near the city of Awassa.


Coffee roasting, Harvesting and Post-harvesting machinery, Small-sized processing machines, Eco-pulpers and other systems to reduce water and water pump consumption.

Strengthening of sustainability and inclusiveness of the coffee supply chain through private public partnerships. The project intends to contribute to the "Improving the Sustainability and Inclusion of the Ethiopian Coffee Value through Private and Public Partnership" initiative already supported by the Italian Cooperation, whose objective is to improve the living conditions and income of small producers and their families through support for sustainable production, processing and export of coffee.

Participation in the mission is free. The costs of board, lodging and air flights are at the expense of the participants.
It will be possible to join the initiative until 15 September 2018 day.
For information and access and to view the final program, as soon as available, please consult the following link:


For info:
Antonio Avallone 06 5992 6998
Claudio Bertinetto 06 5992 6677

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