Mission to Ethiopia

Mercoledì, 19 Giugno, 2019 (Tutto il giorno) - Giovedì, 20 Giugno, 2019 (Tutto il giorno)
Addis Abeba

Confindustria e ICE-Agency organize, under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Economic Development, a business mission in Ethiopia, from 19 to 20 June. The mission will be led by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Emanuela Claudia Del Re.

Why participate?

With a GDP growth rate that has been around 10% for the last decade, Ethiopia emerges as one of the most dynamic economies in Africa. It is also the second country on the continent by population, with a very high rate of urbanization.
From the moment of his appointment the new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has given an important political turn to the country, aimed at promoting a new stability in the area above all thanks to the recent peace with Eritrea, indispensable in order to guarantee access to the country at the sea.
Central to the Government of Addis Ababa are economic reforms for the promotion of industrialization and the liberalization of the national market, with the aim of favoring the influx of foreign investments.
A strong political commitment emerges, among other things, with reference to the implementation of an ambitious infrastructure plan and the implementation of the national energy transition, for the ever-increasing use of energy from renewable sources.
Ethiopia also aims to become the first African manufacturing center, thanks also to the development of industrial areas geared towards exporting products throughout the continent.
Finally, the Government's priorities include the modernization of agricultural production and food processing technologies, also thanks to the creation of agro-industrial parks, with the aim of countering the excessive dependence of agricultural production in the entire region of the Horn of Africa from climate change.

The mission will be cross-sectoral, with a focus on sectors:
- Agriculture, agricultural mechanics and technologies for food processing
- Infrastructure and transport
- Textile and tanning industry

The work program will begin in Addis Ababa in the early afternoon of Wednesday 19 June, with a welcome moment at the Radisson Hotel, followed by the plenary session of the Italy-Ethiopia Business Forum.
On the morning of Thursday 20 June, three round tables on the focus sectors of the mission will be organized in parallel and always at the Radisson Hotel, while in the afternoon there will be in-depth meetings with local counterparts that are being defined.

A first draft program can be found at this link who are invited to consult periodically for future updates.

The language of the works will be English, no translation is provided.

Companies interested in participating in the mission may have to confirm their participation no later than the next 10 June, by completing the online application form available at the following link

La participation in the mission is free; travel and accommodation costs will be borne by each participant who must make their flight and hotel reservations independently.

We report that the only direct flight to Addis Ababa from Italy is the Ethiopian Airlines flight departing from Rome on the evening of 18 June and departing from Addis Ababa for Rome and Milan on the evening of 20 June. By way of example, we report further airlines to Ethiopia from Rome or Milan with a stopover: Turkish, Egypt Air, Air Europa, Lufthansa, Emirates and Qatar Airways

HOTEL and Transfer
For the stay in the days of the Forum, it should be noted Hyatt Regency Hotel place of work,

Rate: 190 USD (+ 10% service charge + 15% VAT) - breakfast included
Contact: Mr. Nahusenay Ayalew
Email: nahusenay.ayalew@hyatt.com - cc. addisabeba@ice.it
Promotional Code: ITA2019

The ICE office in Addis Ababa reports the following facilities, located in the immediate vicinity of the same Radisson Hotel:

Rate: 80 USD single occupancy - 100 USD Double Occupancy - breakfast included
link: https://secure.e-gds.com/jupiterinternationalhotel/default.aspx
Location: Ethiopia / Addis Ababa, Casanchis
Check in: 19 / 06 / 2019
Check Out 20 / 06 / 2019
Promotional Code: ITA2019
In case the Link does not work send an email to Mr. Mastwal Habtu (email: info@jupiterinternationalhotel.com - cc. addisabeba@ice.it)
Promotional Code: ITA2019

Rate: 90 USD single occupancy - breakfast included
Contact: Mr. Wegene Mathiwos (email: wegene.mathios@intercontinentaladdis.com - cc .: addisabeba@ice.it)
Promotional Code: ITA2019

Please note that the transfer service to and from the airport / hotel / airport arriving and departing in Addis Ababa must be requested directly through the chosen hotel, upon booking the hotel.
For a better logistic organization, please forward no later than Monday 10 June cm copy of passport and copy of hotel reservation at: logistics.internazionale at confindustria.it.

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