Mission to India

Venerdì, 3 Novembre, 2017 (Tutto il giorno) - Domenica, 5 Novembre, 2017 (Tutto il giorno)
New Delhi

Confindustria, in collaboration with ICE Agency and under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Economic Development, organizes an entrepreneurial mission in India, New Delhi, from 3 to the 5 next November at the event World Food India "show that sees Italy to participate as Focus Country.
The initiative, which is part of follow-up activities following the April 2017 System Mission, will be led by Undersecretary for Economic Development, Ivan Scalfarotto, and is entirely dedicated to the food production and processing chain.

With an average growth rate of 8,8%, the agrifood sector in India is a sector with remarkable opportunities for collaboration with Italian companies operating mainly in the process of transformation and agricultural mechanization.
The development and technological advancement of the industry is a priority of the Indian government and of the "Make in India" program, which aims to increase productivity and reduce the huge food waste that is found along the consumer-producing chain.
The Modi Government's goal is to transform the country into the world's largest food processing hub and invest millions for USD 33 in the next 10 years
Among the tools implemented is the implementation of the "National Mission on Food Processing" program of 42 "Mega Food Parks", each of which will be made up of 20 food processing units, served by common infrastructure for environmental protection and quality control. Noteworthy are also the programs to realize and modernize the cold chain that is pouring into a state of profound backwardness.
Italy is the first supplier of machines and the development of the 42 food park largely follows a scheme borrowed from the Italian experience of clusters and industrial and technological districts.
"World Food India", a fair organized by the Indian Ministry of Food Processing, looks like a reference event for companies interested in investing and developing projects in the country.

The provisional mission program, which is postponed to a first draft attached, provides for the arrival of the Italian delegation to New Delhi during Thursday's 2 November. The 3 and 4 days of November and the morning of 5 will be entirely devoted to the works that will be held at the "World Food India" venue. Sectoral in-depth seminars, institutional moments and b2b meetings will be provided. Return to Italy will be held in the afternoon / evening of November 5. The language of the work will be English.
The work program may be subject to subsequent variations based on the indications and updates that will be received by Indian organizers of the World Food India event.

Companies interested in participating can give confirmation of their accession no later than October 6 2017, filling out the online tab available on the india2017.ice.it website that you are invited to periodically consult to keep you informed about program updates, available documentation, and the logistical aspects of the initiative.
For membership received after the specified date will not be guaranteed the organization of business meetings.
If the registered Italian company profile were to present elements of incompatibility or critical to the interest of the Indian counterparts, will be by the organizers are informed promptly.


Between communication measures planned to facilitate contacts with local counterparts will see the creation of a catalog, in English, with a page dedicated to each company that will take part in the session of bilateral meetings. For the preparation of the catalog will use the information in the application form as submitted at registration.
Participating companies will have to send, at the same recognition, the logo (Company or Brand) in vector format or high definition to the e-mail india2017@ice.it


Participation in the mission is free; travel and accommodation costs will be borne by each participant. More detailed logistic information regarding recommended flights and hotel reservations, which must be made by the individual participants, will be forwarded with subsequent logbook and uploaded on the mission site.

Passport: For entry of Italian citizens in India you need a passport valid for at least six months upon arrival in the country.
Entry Visa: you need a visa which can only be issued by diplomatic / consular offices of the country present in Italy (Embassy of India in Rome or the Consulate General in Milan). For the VISA BUSINESS application form may only be completed online on the website http://www.indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/

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