South Africa and Italy: Opportunities for Co-operation in the Composite Materials Sector

Mercoledì, 20 Giugno, 2018 - 10:30 - 13:30

Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo organizes the 20 June in Milan, in collaboration with the Consulate of South Africa in Milan and the Law Firm Pavia and Ansaldo, the event "Opportunities in the Advanced Materials Sector on South Africa: Cross-sectoral Technology".

The meeting, during which the opportunities for collaboration in the Composite Materials sector in South Africa will be exposed and analyzed, will be held starting from 10: 30 at the Pavia e Ansaldo Law Firm (via del Lauro 7) and also includes a session of B2B meetings between the participating Italian companies and the speakers.

It is also possible to request a B2B meeting in video conference with Mr. Andy Radford of Mandela Bay Cluster to define possible industrial and commercial partnerships with South African companies present in the cluster.

The Department of South Africa's Ministry of Commerce and Industry is in fact supporting the Mandela Bay Composites Cluster to develop skills and technologies in the Composite Materials Sector and to make South Africa a competitive country in the field at global level. The main applications for the Composite materials sector in which South Africa is involved are:

- Renewable Energy (wind turbine blades)
- Automotive components
- Rail components (interior parts)
- Infrastructure including Bulk water (water pipes), road signs, manhole covers, etc
- Reinforced Pellets (Long Fiber Thermoplastics)
- Aerospace (interior and exterior parts).

Attached an informative note with the Program of the event.

To participate and for the request of B2B, please send e-mail to: no later than the 18 June pv

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