Protection of know-how and trade secrets

Martedì, 7 Maggio, 2019 - 14:00 - 18:00
Sede ANIMA, Via Scarsellini 11, Milano

The 7 May 2019 (14.30-18.00) is scheduled in Milan at the headquarters of ANIMA (Via Scarsellini 11) a workshop on the protection of know-how and trade secrets.

In June, 2018 was implemented in Italy the Directive (EU) 2016 / 943 of the Parliament and of the Council on the protection of confidential know-how and confidential business information (trade secrets) against the acquisition, use and disclosure of unlawful acts. The Directive makes the protection of know-how more effective, for example by providing for the protection of secrecy to be punished not only for those who acquire, use or reveal a trade secret, but also those who produce, offer or market violating goods " in an unconscious way ", that is ignoring the illegal origin of a trade secret. In a context that sees Italian companies, among the most innovative at a global level, not always so attentive to the protection of their innovations, this workshop is an opportunity to dwell on the new opportunities that the transposition of the Directive makes available for protection effective know-how and the preservation of the competitive advantages that such know-how ensures.


1. The new "trade secrets" directive: what changes for companies
Definition of confidential know-how and business secrecy and their protection both from the contractual point of view and from a practical point of view.
- Avv. Matteo Mussi, Lawtelier Avvocati Associati

2. Cyber ​​security: identify threats to protect data. What organizational models?
The computerized measures to be adopted to prevent the subtraction of data and confidential information.
Speaker to be confirmed

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