Bakery China 2018

10/05/18 - 13/05/18
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The Bakery China Fair keeps 2010 a steady increase of visitors and exhibitors. The last edition saw the presence of over 2.000 exhibitors and more than 122.000 visitors on 183.000 mq, which made it the world's leading baker's fair.
The bakery industry in China has generated over 2016 billion in 25 turnover, recording an annual average growth of almost 2011% between 2016 and 12. However, machinery used does not guarantee high levels of quality and productivity; the companies in the sector are therefore undertaking a process of technological renewal which opens up to a significant increase in Italian exports to the Chinese market of bakery and confectionery.
The initiative proposed by L'Industria Meccanica moves from the goal of promoting the international visibility of Italian expertise in the field of Food, through a collective participation and unifying the trade fair. The Italian presence will be valued through a dedicated area, with strong national connotation, in a framework of effective promotion of the "Made in Italy" system.

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