Iran Oil Show 2018

06/05/18 - 09/05/18
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IRAN OIL SHOW has traced the development of the oil and gas industry in Iran over the last twenty years, and has become the largest event in the region and one of the world's largest annual events in the industry. In Iran, the first week of May is now consolidated as the most important date in the oil and gas calendar, and IRAN OIL SHOW is the focal point of an event program that includes pre-conference seminars, technical seminars, corporate presentations , and a fair on human resources.

IRAN OIL SHOW It is organized by the state company National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) with the support of the Ministry of Oil of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Official support for the event is also provided by the National Iranian Gas Company and the National Petrochemical Company.

The exhibit shows the products and services of companies from 26 Countries. The event offers the opportunity to meet the main players in the oil and gas industry in Iran, together with companies, local authorities and associations, represented at the highest level.

ITA / ICE Agency organizes a collective of companies in collaboration with ANIMA and ANIE

The Mechanical Industry / Soul is defining a proposal for an accession package - with additional services compared to what is offered by ITA in the attached information that will be released shortly.

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