OTC Offshore Technology Conference

06/05/19 - 09/05/19
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Houston 2019

The ICE - Agency, in collaboration with the trade associations ANIMA and ANIE, organizes the collective participation of Italian companies in the sector at the OTC 2019 fair, to be held in Houston (USA) from the 6 to the 9 in May 2019.

La Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is one of the most important international events for theOIL & Gas, with participants from all over the world. The goal of the conference, according to the Organizers, is "to develop scientific and technical knowledge for the safe, ecological and sustainable development of oil and offshore gas resources."

The fiftieth edition of the event will be held at the NRG Park in Houston since 6 to the 9 of May 2019.

The 2018 edition saw a total of 61.340 participants, slightly lower than the 64.770 2017. In total, the exhibiting companies were 2.451, up from the 2.349 of the previous year. Overall, 111 countries were participating in OTC 2018. The most represented countries were China, with 13,5% of visitors, Nigeria (10%) and Great Britain (8,70%). The 1,57% of the participants were Italian for a total of 417 visitors.

The energy sector is one of the most important items for the Texas budget: the oil sector employs 5.000 companies, including 27 refineries; about 5 million barrels annually are produced (30% of the national production). Texas is also at the top of the US in the production of wind energy (12mila megawatt) and solar energy, as well as according to the US State for the production of nuclear energy (5 thousand megawatts after California).

Among the Texas energy primates we mention: production of 5 thousand megawatts of nuclear power; 12.300 megawatt of wind power, for a total of 172 billion of induced turnover (first US State for induced). The activity of the 5000 oil companies in Houston determines the 27% of oil production / refining in the USA. In total, Texas produces the 40% of US energy.

For the 2019 edition of OTC, Houston ICE-Agency intends to set up an exhibition space of about 300 square meters located to the right of the entrance of the NRG ARENA, suitable to host a maximum of 30 companies, subdivided on 4 blocks. The project includes a Punto Italia, equipped with hostess and / or interpreter, internet connection, PC, coffee point and informative material available to Italian companies at the fair.

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