Technologies and products for the industry include machinery and equipment for special treatments such as industrial furnaces, the painting systems, etc.


  • finishing equipment
  • industrial ovens
  • Weighing instruments
  • Welding and Cutting

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    ANASTA - 2 ° welding group

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    Invest in Finland 2019

    The Embassy of Finland in collaboration with the government agency Business Finland and the Italian-Finnish Chamber of Commerce, organize "Invest in Finland", with the aim of promoting Finland as a center of attraction for investments in technological innovation and of digital transformation.

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    Log-In, Anima initiative dedicated to the entrepreneurs of the mechanical industry

    Soul is the key to access.

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    Confindustria and Inail's "Enterprise Security Prize" at the 6th edition

    Finalist companies may request a reduction in the Inail premium rate. Registration deadline 18 March 2019

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    Confindustria organizes the first edition of Connext

    "The will is to make an operation to strengthen our supply chains through the meeting of our best entrepreneurial excellences"

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    Tax credit training 4.0 - Circular MiSE

    The Ministry of Economic Development has published a circular of clarification on the application of the tax credit training 4.0.

    The tax credit formation was introduced, on an experimental basis, by the 2018 Budget Law and should be seen in the context of the other facilitation measures provided for by the "National 4.0 Business Plan". The extension of the measure also for the 2019 is being evaluated in the context of the discussion of the new Budget Law.

    The circular provides clarifications in particular on the following points:

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    Fire Prevention - technical standards for commercial activities

    On the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic no. 281 of 3 December was published the 23 November 2018 Decree, containing the technical fire prevention rules for commercial activities, where the sale and exhibition of goods is expected, with gross area exceeding 400 square meters, including services, deposits and covered common areas, pursuant to article 15, of the legislative decree 8 March 2006, n. 139. The new Decree introduces specific modifications to the 3 decree of August 2015

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    Hazardous chemical agents - INAIL brochure

    INAIL has recently published the second edition of a pamphlet, of a general and informative nature, addressed to workers and workers' representatives for safety, with which it illustrates the risks deriving from the use of dangerous chemical agents, also in light of the recent emanations national and European regulations.

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    Fire Prevention - RTV distribution plants for hydrogen for motor vehicles

    On the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic n.257 of the 5 November the 23 Decree October 2018 was issued. Technical regulation of fire prevention for the design, construction and operation of hydrogen distribution plants for motor vehicles.

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    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.