Technologies and products for the industry include machinery and equipment for special treatments such as industrial furnaces, the painting systems, etc.


  • finishing equipment
  • industrial ovens
  • Weighing instruments
  • Welding and Cutting

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    Fire Prevention Code Update - Notification procedure started

    The Ministry of Economic Development, a department responsible for the procedure, sent to Brussels the draft ministerial decree updating the decree of the Interior Minister 3 August 2015 containing "Approval of technical standards for fire prevention, pursuant to article 16 of the decree legislative 8 March 2006, No. 139 ", prepared by the Ministry of the Interior - National Fire Brigade Corps.

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    When can you get off the Ple at high altitude? - An Aisem information brochure

    Aisem - Italian Association of Lifting, Elevation and Movement Systems ANIMA / Confindustria - has recently published a brochure offering useful information on the use of mobile elevating platforms.
    These platforms are extremely widespread in the execution of the most varied jobs, however it is not easy to know which platform is best suited to the job you intend to do, especially in relation to the need to make landings at a height from the platform itself.

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    Incentive production of energy from renewable sources - Signed the FER1 Decree

    Having obtained the green light from the European Commission, it was signed by the Minister of Economic Development, the Hon. Di Maio, and the Minister of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the Hon. Costa, the FER1 Decree, which aims to support - through incentives and procedures aimed at promoting effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability - the production of energy from renewable sources to reach the European targets at 2030 defined in the Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate.

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    Published the Regulation on market surveillance and product compliance

    In the Official Journal of the European Union n. 169 of 25 June us the new Regulation (EU) 2019 / 1020 was published on market surveillance and product compliance.

    The Regulation applies to all industrial products subject to the EU internal market legislation and modifies - or suppresses - specific articles:
    of Regulation (EC) n. 765 / 2008 'Accreditation and market surveillance regarding the marketing of products',

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    Machines and equipment for outdoor use - Annual Surveillance Meeting on the ISPRA Market

    The annual meeting organized by ISPRA with the associations of machine and equipment manufacturers and with Notified Bodies on the 'Surveillance on the market of machines and equipment for outdoor use (pursuant to art. 4 Legislative Decree 262 / 2002) '.

    During the meeting the point was made:
    on the activities carried out by ISPRA during the 2018;
    on the use and updating of the MARA database;

  • Training courses

    Course on Non-Destructive Testing

    Objectives of the course:

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    Made in Steel 2019 / Results

    An event followed and appreciated by the world of the steel industry, a privileged channel for presenting the requests of companies.

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    UCC - General Assembly

    members, potential, Gdl or external members

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    Contributions for energy efficiency and sustainable territorial development in favor of the Municipalities

    With the 14 Decree of May 2019 (published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic) the provision was assigned that assigns to the Municipalities dedicated contributions (total 500 million) allocated by the Growth Decree for the implementation of energy efficiency and development projects sustainable territorial development.
    These projects must be started by 31 October 2019, otherwise the contribution will be canceled.

    Contributions are intended for works such as:

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    Growth Decree: published and in force

    On the Official Journal of the Italian Republic n.100 of the 30 April us was published Decree-Law 30 April 2019, n. 34 'Urgent measures for economic growth and for the resolution of specific crisis situations', entered into force on May 1.
    The Decree-Law deals with:
    fiscal measures for economic growth
    measures for the revival of private investments
    protection of made in Italy
    in addition to further growth measures.

    Among the measures introduced:

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    In this section you will find the Repertoire of ANIMA member-companies , Complete and functional database of Italian companies in the mechanical sector.