CIB, Cogena and Italcogen together to give more strength to the sector

Nasce il tavolo di Coordinamento della Cogenerazione

encounter between the CIB (Italian Committee biogas and gasification, Cogena (Italian Association for the promotion of cogeneration) and Italcogen, the technical panel "of cogeneration coordination" wants to form a common front of technological, scientific and market to promote the spread cogeneration and energy efficiency.
The presidents of the associations who met in Rimini 11 September reaffirmed the importance of increased support for the development of systems of Users, with the aim of promoting and disseminating distributed generation.
The objective of the technical committee is also to prepare a position paper that clarifies the situation on the cogeneration sector.

In Italy, the installed capacity in cogeneration plants from various sources (natural gas, biogas, biomass) is about 10 GW, but the estimated potential installed is estimated to double the existing.
With regard to bioenergy, a recent study EEA - European Environment Agency to 202 our country will be among those with the highest installed capacity. Even today, Italy is in second place behind Germany with regard to the number of biogas plants.

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