Conference Italcogen 7 November

La Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/UE e la realtà italiana

The new Energy Efficiency Directive 2012 / 27 / EU and its implications in the market of cogeneration, district heating of heat recovery and renewable energy sources.

The Directive 2012 / 27 / EU, whose implementation is planned for the first half of 2014, will change the current legal framework, recently stabilized with the implementation of the Directive 2006 / 32 / EC on energy efficiency in end-use energy and 2004 / 8 / EC on the promotion of cogeneration.

Cost / benefit analysis, audits and energy efficiency, new rates, the role of PA, co-generation and smart city: what business opportunity?

Italcogen The conference will focus on the situation on the future regulatory and propose business opportunities in view of the implementation of the new directive.


9.30 Recordings

10.00 Greetings and introduction

Institutional interventions

o Introduction - Silvio Rudy Star, Italcogen Association - President

o The new directive EED: transposition, opportunities and challenges for the Italian industry

Marcello Capra, Ministry of Economic Development - Department of Energy

o The EED Directive and targets to 2020: Tools, targets and measures to support

Sebastian Serra, Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea - Advisor to the Minister in the Technical Secretariat

o High-efficiency cogeneration: the state of implementation of the new procedures for the recognition

Giuseppe Dell'Olio, Energy Services Manager - Operational Statistics and Specialist Services Division

o Simple Systems of Production and Consumption: the SEU and SESEU

Gervasio Ciaccia, Authority for Electricity and Gas - Unit Energy Production, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (EFR)

o Energy efficiency in the work table in the chain of bioenergy

Sofia Marinelli, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry - Coordinator of the table Bioenergy Sector

o The European Project IEE CODE 2: a Roadmap for cogeneration

Giorgio Tagliabue - FAST Federation of Scientific Associations Techniques

Experiences from operators: case histories of application

o Industrial cogeneration: application case studies - AB ENERGY SpA

o The role of ENOI as a partner for energy efficiency - ENOI SpA

o Heat Recovery in Energy Intensive Industries - TURBODEN Srl

13.00 Question time and closure of the session

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