Revision CB / TEE: first effects

DM MiSE 22/12/2015: Revocate quattro schede standard e modificata una quinta scheda

By decree of the Ministry of Economic Development "Revocation and update the data sheets of the incentive mechanism of white certificates." Of December 22 2015 they have been eliminated four standardized forms for the release of White Certificates / Energy Efficiency Certificates and they have been overhauled a fifth.

The decree is the result of what has already been anticipated and discussed with the start of consultations for the publication of the new guidelines on GSE White Certificates whose work began last spring.

Recall that the revision of the guidelines could apply, the release of CB / TEE, currently described in Annex A of AEEG (today AEEGSI) October 27 2011 - EEN 9 / 11 was already foreseen by the DM 28 / 12 / 2012 "Determination of national quantitative targets for savings
energy that must be pursued by the distribution companies of electricity and gas for the years to 2013 2016 and for the strengthening of the mechanism of white certificates. ", which provided for the passage of the management mechanism by the GSE and the Decree. July 4 2014, n. 102 "Implementation of the 2012 / 27 / EU on energy efficiency, amending Directives 2009 / 125 / EC and 2010 / 30 / EC and repealing Directives 2004 / 8 / EC and 2006 / 32 / EC"

Standard cards revoked officially by the decree in question are as follows (the first three were described in MD 28 2012 December, the fourth in Annex A of AEEG 9 / 10 as amended EEN 14 / 10 and EEN 9 / 11):

• Technical sheet n. 40E «Installation of a wood biomass heating system in the forestry sector»;
• Technical n. 47E "Replacing refrigerators, freezers, freezers, washing machines with similar products with higher efficiency";
• Technical sheet n. 36E: «Installation of high efficiency static UPS (UPS)»
• Data sheet No. 21T: 'Application in civil small cogeneration systems for winter and summer air-conditioned building and the production of domestic hot water. "

The fifth tab, revised, is the 22T, also described in D.9 / 10 as amended:
• "Application in the civil sector of the district heating systems for space heating and the production of hot water"

The reasons that led to / review of the cards are as follows:
- Technological obsolescence and regulatory boards, which have fulfilled their purpose;
- The scope for possible overlaps with other incentive mechanisms (thermal account, tax deductions);
- Avoid over-incentives and respect of the EU regulations regarding state aid

the decree provides that the interventions covered by the application fields of the cards can be revoked even encouraged with CB / TEE through the procedure in a report, which, however, is far more complex and costly than standardized.
It is therefore very likely that interventions are no longer shown in standard cards will be made on the market by accessing other incentives, with a further result of the use of CB / TEE of industrial applications, where it is justified to use the procedure in the final balance.

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