Towards the new EED - 10 November - Rimini Fiera

Atti del Convegno Italcogen

The following are available to the Acts of the Congress Institutional Italcogen held on November 10 during the event fieristicaEcomondo - Key Energy:

Institutional Presentation Italcogen

Claudia Canevari - Deputy Director General for Energy Energy Efficiency Unit European Commission

Marco Manchisi - Studies center Italcogen - EEFIG - Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group

Marcello Capra - Ministry of Economic Development DG Meereen - SegreteriaTecnica Minister

Sebastiano Serra - Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea - Technical Secretariat of the Ministry

Davide Valenzano - GSE Division Management and General Coordination Responsible for regulatory affairs.

Interview with Italcogen President Marco Golinelli - Interview with Italcogen President, Marco Golinelli

Interview with Claudia Canevari - Interview with Claudia Canevari Vice President of the Energy Efficiency Unit at the European Commission

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