An intelligent and sustainable future for energy


Micro-cogeneration, in addition to being a very efficient method for the production of heat and electricity, is also a valuable tool for reducing air pollution, reducing the energy dependence of our country and combating climate change.
These are the solid bases on which micro-cogeneration rests, highlighted in the position paper signed by companies, universities and associations, including Climgas

Polytechnic of Milan, Polytechnic University of Marche, Energy Center of the Polytechnic of Turin, AiCARR, Future Electricity, Climgas, Anigas, Totem, Solid Power, Tecnocasa, Paradigma, Snam, 2iReteGas, these are the undersigners of the document, which relies on a technology that, by exploiting the well-developed transport, storage and distribution of natural gas, allows to efficiently heat the rooms, produce domestic hot water and generate electricity.
Cogeneration also allows energy savings of 20% in terms of primary energy to generate electricity and heat separately, with particularly low emissions.
The possibility of feeding the micro-cogeneration with biomethane in the medium term will then add a renewable component to an already environment-friendly system.

In the use of the heat produced, this technology can be effectively integrated with boilers and heat pumps, contributing to the improvement of air quality in urban environments
In the electrical sector it allows reducing transmission and distribution losses and giving greater flexibility to the electrical system.

In order to fully express its potential, however, micro-cogeneration needs a more streamlined regulatory framework from a bureaucratic point of view and adequate energy efficiency incentive policies, which adequately support the renewal of the technologies currently installed, often obsolete and which promote the active participation in the market by prosumers, ie producers-consumers of energy

This is the contribution that the underwriters of the position paper "Micro-cogeneration: an intelligent and sustainable future for energy" want to make available in the future Energy Climate Plan to help the country achieve the European 2030 objectives, where cogeneration will surely a strategic role.

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