CALL FOR IDEAS: Submit Your Proposals for 2018 UCC Training!

There was a great success in the "TenarisUniversity: seamless tube" course held on 21 November 2017 which offered members a complete overview of the seamless pipe manufacturing process.This course ends the UCC training calendar for the 2017, and opens the door to the new 2018 course calendar

The UCC Association strongly believes in this important service for companies operating in the Caldareria sector. Thanks to this success the Association is more and more strongly motivated to offer training moments markedly tailored to the needs of the entire sector that operates in the Pressure Equipment delivering courses free of charge to all members.

It is essential to cover the most critical aspects of the problems encountered in the world of Caldareria, making it available to members free of charge, valid useful tools as is the case of training courses, to solve them.

In this light, we ask all associates to submit to the Secretariat (within 15 Dec. 2017) proposals on issues with which to develop the new UCC training proposal. In this way, courses will be able to respond to the real needs of the Associates, thus becoming an important protagonist of the world of Italian caldera.

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