Training Course UCC - "CREEP IN THE DESIGN"

It took place in the days 21-22 November, The course of "CREEP IN THE DESIGN". The training course, organized by 'Boiler Manufacturers Association of UCC, In collaboration with the 'Italian Institute of Welding, was an opportunity to discuss the problems of materials operating at high temperatures and the main design techniques. The course aims to provide the basic elements for hot design in typical conditions such as the viscous or creep flow regime.

The course has been a great interest on the part of technicians who deal on a daily basis to design in the Pressure Equipment sector.

The Builders Association of Boiler UCC has historically offered a timetable for training in the field of pressure equipement.
Activities on which UCC has always invested is the 'organization of training events with high technical contentToday more than ever the industry lives on innovation and continuous improvement of processes; hence the need for constant upgrading of technicians operating in the industry.
The primary need of our companies is in fact the training of professionals with a workshop but also managerial. The association UCC is working in collaboration with colleges, academies, universities nationwide to create partnerships that provide a level of training appropriate to the needs of our members.

UCC offers so many specific training for the field of Boiler with the aim of contributing to the preparation and training of professionals directly expendable within the companies of the Pressure Equipment.

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