TransCanada plans pipeline to export Europe and East Coast

TransCanada has recently announced its decision to proceed with the construction of the new pipeline 'Energy East' along a path 4.400 km. Will connect the oil fields of Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Eastern Canada, only to find outlets on the east coast of the country and will have a capacity of 1,1 million barrels / day.
The project involves the conversion of an existing pipeline pipeline, the construction of new connection pipelines in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Eastern Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, as well as the construction of pumping stations and two marine terminal in Quebec City and St. John in New Brunswick. The total pipeline cost is' estimated at 12 billion Canadian dollars. With the entry into activities of 'Energy East' to extract oil in western Canada will open up new markets. Crude oil, in fact, once reached the port terminals of Quebec and of Brunswick, would find outlets in Europe, the eastern coast of the United States and help to feed the same Canadian refineries in Quebec and Eastern Canada, which currently imports around 700 thousand barrels / day from North Africa, West Africa and Latin America.

Source: Economic News Farnesina (Italian Economic Diplomacy OF / Sun 24 Hours)

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